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Truck Master Manufacturing & Equipment LTD. has plenty of experience with various types of custom van bodies in Edmonton. We build heavy-duty oilfield van bodies, steam units, pressure test vans and mobile office units. Many options are also available including:

  • Holding tanks
  • Interior cabinets
  • Hydraulic tanks
  • Exterior cabinets
  • Control panels
  • Power tailgates

Before you check anywhere else, make Truck Master Manufacturing & Equipment LTD. your first choice regarding custom fabrication products. Call us today.

Practical and Effective Solutions

Truck Master Manufacturing & Equipment LTD.’s superior knowledge is a result of 40 years of experience and service. Every project we take on is built on quality and strength with numerous options for you to choose from. Your van body can be custom built in a way that makes your truck operational as soon as it hits the road. Whether you need a standard body or something more customized, we can facilitate all your needs with our exceptional service and quality.

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