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In the year 1995, four young entrepreneurs decided to make their dream become a reality and venture forth into the truck body manufacturing industry. Truck Master Manufacturing and Equipment LTD. first opened its doors on November 9th of that same year. The four shareholders all came together bringing with them a vast amount of knowledge about the industry. Like many newly formed companies, there were many ups and downs and great learning curves to be hurdled. Their dream was simple; build a high-quality product that customers could be proud of and the competition envious of.

23 years later, two of the original partners remain behind the helm of the company. Steering the business into a newly competitive market full of economically priced import products, they still remain true to their original idea. Building a high-quality product that stands the test of time is not only our vision now, but it’s also our passion.


Our management group has over 40 years of experience respectively in the truck body and custom metal fabrication industry. We take tremendous pride in setting the standard for quality and innovation throughout the region. In order to set this standard albeit, we must have a pronounced support staff. Our qualified and experienced tradespeople work as a team and take tremendous pride in the manufactured goods they produce.

Old Photo Interior

We strive to maintain the highest quality of product and are committed to providing our customers with effective solutions for their specific requirements. We work with customers from fleets to the single owner/operator in industries such as oil and gas, electrical, telecommunications, mechanical services and the transportation sector. We offer custom aluminum and steel fabrication and are only limited by your imagination on what we can build.

Truck Master is located in a completely equipped facility capable of manufacturing, servicing, repairing, on-site sandblasting and boasts a fully serviceable paint facility. We are capable of handling any job, big or small and we are exceedingly confident that we can fulfill your every wish.


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