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Truck Master Manufacturing & Equipment LTD. provides our customers with a vast array of truck canopies in Edmonton. Over the years, we have managed to perfect our product, making it the best on the market today.

  • Aluminum or Steel Construction
  • Shelving
  • Heaters
  • Drawers
  • Top Opening Doors on Gas Shocks
  • Work Lighting
  • Work Tables
  • Interior Lighting
  • Access Steps (for walk-in models)
  • Master Switches

For a more economical approach, we have added Mory fibreglass canopies to our product line.

Mory Canopies

At Truck Master Manufacturing & Equipment LTD., we are proud to provide Mory truck canopies for our Edmonton customers, including Master 50/60/75. No matter which canopy you choose, you will benefit from:

  • Patented lockdown system
  • Configurable interiors
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Air-tight and water-tight

Mory Master 50

Whether you choose the hatchback door or the rear barn door style of rear doors, with the Master 50, some of the standard characteristics include:

  • Double-walled fibreglass
  • 1/4" anti-slip rubber mat
  • High third brake led light
  • Aluminum protection at the bottom of the doors
  • Improved gas mileage


Mory Master 60

Master 60 is the flagship of the Mory product line. Its universal fit to pickup truck fleet vehicles translates into high value. Some of the advantages include:

  • Non-slip aluminum kick plate at doors
  • 1/4" anti-slip rubber mat
  • Ambulance type anodized aluminum doorstops
  • Standard interior lighting
  • Double-walled fibreglass floor reinforced with plywood


Mory Master 75

With the Master 75, you can get any job done at any given time and any given place with its self-sufficient work environment. The benefits include:

  • Maximum space for work application
  • Walk and stand with 74’’ of headspace
  • Exceptional storage space both in the main body and overhang
  • 1/4" anti-slip rubber mat
  • UV resistant gelcoat finish


For more information on our Mory Master canopies, just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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