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Truck Master Manufacturing & Equipment LTD. decks are built with unsurpassed quality and designed with precision. The thing that sets us apart from other producers is that our custom decks in Edmonton are built to last!


The manufacturing of our decks uses materials that will sustain the longevity of the product. 3” channel cross sills are standard as well as a 2” tubing bulkhead and 10 gauge rear apron. We don’t use formed light gauge cross sills or other light-gauge materials for our decks because that goes against our values. Truck Master flat decks are built to last no matter what kind of rigours you put it through.

When we install our product onto your truck, it comes with a CMVSS National Safety Mark sticker; so you can be assured it was done right. We guarantee that our installs meet all Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards applicable rules and regulations.

Truck Master Manufacturing & Equipment LTD. offers a wide variety of flat deck possibilities. We have multiple sizes and common builds in stock. If it’s something more specific you are after, feel free to contact us and we can prepare a quote specific to your needs.

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